21 Sep ‘We’d NEVER accept it’ Australian senator says Britain is RIGHT to quit ‘undemocratic’ EU

Nick Gutteridge -- Daily Express -- 21 September, 2017   BRITAIN has made the right decision to quit the “undemocratic” European Union which imposes a loss of sovereignty other countries would not accept “in a million years”, a leading Australian politician said today. Senator James Paterson told

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12 Sep MPs seek to protect Captain Cook statues

Australian Associated Press -- 12 September 2017   A Turnbull government minister has moved to protect Captain Cook and other historic statues following a spate of vandalism. But political opponents have criticised what they see as a return to 'history wars'. Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg has asked the Australian...

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09 Sep Don’t change the Senate

James Paterson -- The Spectator Australia -- 9 September, 2017   Defenders of the constitution have our work cut out for us. It seems that every day brings a new, novel, bad idea to change the constitution. Whether it’s a referendum to allow foreign citizens to serve...

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