Wolfish propoganda

Wolfish propoganda

Alice Workman – Australian – Friday 06 June 2020

China wants Morrison to muzzle our favourite secret parliamentary group, The Wolverines! The Global Times — English-language propaganda outfit of the Communist Party — has attacked Canberra’s own democracy crusaders by name three times in the past week alone. There was a reference to Strewth’s sticky column: “In 2019, infamous Australian right-wing politicians Andrew Hastie, James Paterson and Kimberley Kitching formed a bipartisan group called the ‘Wolverines’ to speak out against China. The group pasted their logo — four wolf claw marks — on office windows around Parliament House. Australian media, which has decried China’s ‘wolf warrior diplomacy’, has praised ‘the Wolverines’.”

And a mention of our meaty item on Kitching and Hastie’s dinner with US ambassador to Australia (and honorary Wolverine) Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr. The Global Times insists the “hardly well known” Wolverines somehow manage to “speak out against China in a high-profile manner”. Quite the paradox. Branding Paterson a “backbencher” (one of our favourite backhanded compliments), one report says he “has stuck his nose in Hong Kong’s affairs” and goes on to claim the PM has “distanced himself from Hastie”.

It concludes: “Chinese academics are urging the Morrison government to stop extreme groups like the Wolverines … Unless this happens, Australia could find itself involved in a China-US ‘Cold War’ due to cheap tricks from second-rate politicians who play the China card while hurting bilateral economic co-operation and trade amid COVID-19, experts noted.” Looks like they’ve struck a nerve!


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