Not to Bragg about it

Not to Bragg about it

Alice Workman – The Australian – Wednesday 2 September 2020

After being accused by the Nine papers of selling only 34 copies of his super(annuation) tome Bad Eggs, Liberal senator Andrew Bragg got in touch to correct the record.

He told Strewth that as of Tuesday, the exact sales figure is 615 (513 paperbacks and 112 ebooks).

“Much higher than the publisher’s target of 250,” he noted.

Fellow Liberal senator James Paterson pointed out Bragg was “closing in on the 883 copies sold of Shorten’s Common Good; Mark Butler’s 1185 for Advanced Australia; Kim Carr’s 882 for Letter to Generation Next; and Jim Chalmers’ 713 for Glory Daze.

Not bad for a firstterm backbencher,” Patto said.

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