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09 Jul The grand auto theft should stop

James Paterson -- The Australian Financial Review -- 9 July 2018   The next domino to fall in the Turnbull government's tax-reduction agenda should be to end outdated taxes on motor vehicles. Many Australians would be surprised to learn they are still paying over $1.1 billion in taxes each...

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18 Jun Fine unis for caving on free speech: Senator Paterson

Rebecca Urban -- The Australian -- 18 June 2018   Liberal senator James Paterson has called for universities to face fines for failing to uphold free speech, claiming that financial penalties would go some way to preventing the “administrative cowardice” behind the Australian National University’s decision to...

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18 Jun Tie university funding to freedoms

James Paterson -- The Australian -- 18 June 2018   The Australian National University’s decision to cancel plans for a bachelor of Western civilisation has highlighted the rampant anti-Western bias that exists at many Australian universities. But the administration’s decision to cave in to internal pressure should have...

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