16 Oct Forget CET, scrap subsidies first

James Paterson -- Australian Financial Review -- 16 October 2016   The fact that the cost of renewable energy is falling is a good thing. But it raises big questions about the future of energy policy. Globally, the cost of wind-powered generation has halved in the past seven...

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13 Oct Big nanny is coming for your cheap drink

James Paterson -- Daily Telegraph -- 13 October 2017   Australia’s public health industry is once again pushing a nanny state agenda that will hurt low income Australians already struggling with cost of living pressures. The latest initiative, proposed at the Global Alcohol Policy Conference in Melbourne last...

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21 Sep ‘We’d NEVER accept it’ Australian senator says Britain is RIGHT to quit ‘undemocratic’ EU

Nick Gutteridge -- Daily Express -- 21 September, 2017   BRITAIN has made the right decision to quit the “undemocratic” European Union which imposes a loss of sovereignty other countries would not accept “in a million years”, a leading Australian politician said today. Senator James Paterson told

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