25 Mar This year in Jerusalem – Australian Jewish News

Editorial In his maiden speech to Parliament, newly minted Liberal senator James Paterson has called for Australia to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to  Jerusalem, a proposal we applaud. The senator has correctly identified the anomaly of all countries, including some of Israel's closer friends, stationing...

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23 Mar Voices of liberalism will add cachet to Canberra

By Janet Albrechtsen With an election firmly in sight, let’s admit that of the 226 politicians in federal parliament, too few are smart men or women of genuine political convictions. Even fewer are articulate messengers for their cause. Instead, many are plodders, political insiders, sometime party favourites...

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17 Mar Paterson’s maiden moment

The Liberal Party's youngest-ever senator, James Paterson, wants to scrap the “unbalanced and skewed” national curriculum, move Australia’s Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and reintroduce the commonwealth debt ceiling to crack down on intergenerational debt. The 28-year-old, sworn into parliament on Tuesday after being selected...

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