16 Jul ASIC irked by banks’ remediation pace

Ronald Mizen - Australian Financial Review - Thursday 16 July 2020 The corporate regulator has vented frustration with banks and wealth managers slow to remediate customers dudded by poor financial advice, as more than 2 million people wait for $3 billion in compensation. The Australian Securities and...

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13 Jul Libs laud ‘pushback on cancel culture’

Jennifer Duke - The Sydney Morning Herald - Sunday 12 July 2020 Liberal MPs have welcomed a controversial open letter from 150 public intellectuals condemning attacks on free expression, arguing that "cancel culture" has ruined lives and calling for people to "stand up for the right...

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11 Jul Right to take on China

Sharri Markson - The Daily Telegraph - Saturday 11 July 2020 There’s no question Scott Morrison is leading the toughest strategic and policy approach towards China of any government in Australia’s recent history. Morrison’s approach puts sovereignty and national security ahead of economic prosperity. This forms the single...

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