12 Mar Half a tax cut just doesn’t add up

James Paterson -- Australian Financial Review -- 12 March, 2018   Australia risks leaving in place an inefficient and distorting two-tiered company tax system, if the government's company tax plan – to reduce company tax from 30 per cent to 25 per cent by 2025 – isn't passed. At...

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26 Jan Why January 26 should be celebrated

James Paterson -- The Spectator -- 26 January 2016   Underlying the campaign to change the date of Australia Day is a barely-concealed hostility to the very existence of Australia as a modern western nation. If you don’t believe January 26 is a milestone worth celebrating, you are...

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22 Jan 2018 is the year of personal income tax cuts

James Paterson -- Australian Financial Review -- 22 January 2018   There's never a bad time to cut personal income taxes, but the case for tax cuts in 2018 couldn't be stronger. The Prime Minister put them firmly on the agenda in a speech to the Business Council of Australia...

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