22 Jan 2018 is the year of personal income tax cuts

James Paterson -- Australian Financial Review -- 22 January 2018   There's never a bad time to cut personal income taxes, but the case for tax cuts in 2018 couldn't be stronger. The Prime Minister put them firmly on the agenda in a speech to the Business Council of Australia...

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14 Dec Australia won’t move embassy to Jerusalem

Joshua Levi -- Australian Jewish News -- 14 December 2015   Australia will not follow the lead of the United States and move its embassy to Jerusalem. Following President Donald Trump’s announcement last week that the US recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and will relocate its embassy from...

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14 Dec Dock blockade a warning against union merger

James Paterson -- Herald Sun -- 14 December, 2017   Australia's militant unions are again showing contempt for the public and the rule of law, with the MUA and CFMEU joining to blockade the Victoria International Container Terminal at Melbourne's Webb Dock. In what should serve as a...

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