19 Oct PM considering embassy move

Gareth Narunski -- Australian Jewish News -- 19 October 2018   Prime Minister Scott Morrison has denied that an announcement to look at moving Australia’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is motivated by Jewish votes in this weekend’s Wentworth by-election. Morrison announced on Tuesday that the government would...

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01 Oct The rising cost of ‘free’ speech

James Paterson -- The Australian -- 1 October 2018   Free speech shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. The practice of charging event organisers for the cost of ensuring their own safety risks stifling debate and providing an incentive for threats of violence. Last week, University of...

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01 Oct Like rust, Red tape never sleeps

James Paterson -- Australian Financial Review -- 1 October 2018   The battle against red tape is never ending. It requires eternal vigilance and creative thinking from governments determined to keep it at bay. Australia's 27 years of continuous economic growth is one testament to the relative competitiveness...

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