04 Oct Individual Liberty and a Prosperous Society

James Paterson -- Personal & Political -- 4 October 2010   The Liberal Party is a broad church. It contains people who call themselves conservatives, people who call themselves libertarians, and people who just call themselves Liberals. Each of these labels represents a school of thought on...

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28 Sep The fight for VSU is a fight for free speech

James Paterson -- The Sydney Tory -- 28 September 2017   Australia is experiencing a worrying growth of hostility towards free speech. Nowhere is this worse than on university campuses, where the current generation of student politicians are importing divisive ideas about race and gender from the...

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12 Sep MPs seek to protect Captain Cook statues

Australian Associated Press -- 12 September 2017   A Turnbull government minister has moved to protect Captain Cook and other historic statues following a spate of vandalism. But political opponents have criticised what they see as a return to 'history wars'. Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg has asked the Australian...

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