19 Aug ADF support was offered from the beginning

Olivia Caisley - The Australian - Wednesday 19 August 2020 There were 100 troops on standby in March to help Victoria with its hotel quarantine program, an inquiry has heard, contradicting claims by Premier Daniel Andrews that he did not believe the federal government had offered...

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19 Aug Travel pact with UK, New Zealand, Canada

Greg Brown - The Australian - Wednesday 19 August 2020 EXCLUSIVE Liberal senator James Paterson has called for Australia to work towards striking a freedom of movement agreement with Britain, New Zealand and Canada, making it easier for citizens in each commonwealth nation to live and...

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19 Aug Australia-UK trade: The path’s easier with old mates

Senator James Paterson - The Australian - Wednesday 19 August 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has fanned the flames of geopolitical tensions and highlighted the important distinction between trading partners and long-term friends and allies. Australia should trade with everyone, but to safeguard our freedom and prosperity we...

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