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26 Jan Why January 26 should be celebrated

James Paterson -- The Spectator -- 26 January 2016   Underlying the campaign to change the date of Australia Day is a barely-concealed hostility to the very existence of Australia as a modern western nation. If you don’t believe January 26 is a milestone worth celebrating, you are...

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09 Sep Don’t change the Senate

James Paterson -- The Spectator Australia -- 9 September, 2017   Defenders of the constitution have our work cut out for us. It seems that every day brings a new, novel, bad idea to change the constitution. Whether it’s a referendum to allow foreign citizens to serve...

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12 Oct James Paterson’s welcome lateral thinking

By Terry Barnes Good on Victorian Liberal Senator James Paterson for his media campaign to sell Jackson Pollock’s drunken daub, Blue Poles, to help pay down the national debt.  Forgive the puns, but he’s succeeded in framing the debate about debt reduction in a way that...

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